IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a design form, not a purchase order.  After you submit this build form l review the build order and send you an invoice.  Review the order on the invoice.  If everything checks out, make your payment, and I will start your Neck. 

Player Orientation
Number of Strings
Guitar Scale
Style of Tuner You Will Use
Neck Material
Head Stock Material
Heel Material

All head stocks are light weight Hard Maple.  I will build with other material, but it will most likely lead to "nose dive".  I can build head stocks larger or smaller, as shown or reversed, with or without a exotic hardwood veneer.  I use a rough template for sizing, but do a quality control check on my final drawing.  These are currently hand build.  I can build two of the same head stock and they will have small variations.  Most of the time that is a sanding issue.  THESE ARE STYLES, NOT COPIES OF POPULAR HEAD STOCK DESIGNS. 

You can design your own head stock and I will uild it.  You have a piece of your grandfathers WW2 fighter plane air frame.  Send it to me, I will build your head stock.  I may not be able to build your head stock, but if you don't ask, we will never know.



MY STOCK PILE: I keep all listed fret board, in stock.  I have 3 boards of some and 300 of others (uncut, but in shop)

SIZE: Fret boards are cut to match your specs, but the standard is 1/4" thick, 1 1/2" wide, and slotted for 20 frets.


FRET BOARD VARY in color, grain pattern, and hardness, from one side to the other.  Trees have a center that is called heart wood.  It provides the strength of the tree.  The outside wood is called the sap wood. I have a 2"x2"x24" Black Walnut rough,  that is chocolate brown on one side and white on the other.   


Look at our list and choose one for your order.  When you place your order, I will send you pictures of boards like you selected, and others similar.  You can pick board,  that will go on your neck.  



Fret Board
Side Fret Markers
Madrea cacao.JPG
Top Fret Board Markers

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