#1  - My first ever Diddley Bow,  Customer asked, "Can you make a Resonator Diddley Bow Deep?"  I had no idea what a Diddley Bow, a resonator, and deep all meant.  So I started with this.  I copied the 34" scale from my Squire P-Bass Neck and used 1/8" dowel rods, cut in half, as frets.  I then added a scarf neck and a P-Bass Tuner.  I had a bolt for a bridge and ran the string through the body.  I added a bone nut and filed a groove.  For the body, I used a miniaturized cedar hope chest, wired it like a Fender P-Bass and I was off to the races.  Now to learn how to play it.  

Made in a my Wood Shop in Cocoa, FL

You Can Buy My Diddley Bow.  $147.28

#2 - My first Ever Canjo.  Again a customer asked if I made Canjos.  I said sure, "what's a CanJo"?  I looked it up and here is the result.  A Short-Scale (22 5/8" scale) on a Poplar neck.  Veener walnut over fret board area (for effect, with a scarf neck, enclosed tuner, and button straps.  To finish it off, I have a Fruit Coctail can with a pop rivit 'bridge hole" protector.  The i am willing to change out the can and set the string height if you do not like my fruit coctail can.  The can is held into place by two wooden cletes, making it easy to change out the can. 

Made in a my Wood Shop in Cocoa, FL

You Can Buy My CanJo


#3 - Genuine Black Walnut Live Edge Desk Top Pick Holder.  Perfect for your den, office or living room.  These attractive pieces are a natural conversation starter about music, instruments, and of course, Delta Groove Guitars (when asked where you got them).  The greatest part of thes is you never have to look around the room and say, "has anyone got a pick I can borrow, or has anyone seen my pick).  When your significant other finds a pick on the floor while cleaning up one of your messes, she will know where to put it (that you can find it).

Made in a Wood Shop in Cocoa, FL

You Can Buy My Pick Holder

 $11.23 ea

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