3 lb. Shipped from 32927. Box size is 38"x6"x5" Priority Mail.  I will include quote in invoice. 

Getting ready for your build.  Would you like to get a jump start and save some time?  We have DIY Kits that provide basic building materials for constructing your neck.  The Kit consist of  

  • 33" Hard Maple Neck with 15 degree scarf joint ready for shaping

  • 15" Hard Maple Heel

  • 20 1/2" Black Walnut slotted Fret Board, cut to a Fender 25.5" scale

  • 9" x 3 1/8" Hard Maple scarfed joint Paddle Head Stock

  • Information Sheet describing tools and procedures to finish your neck

All our kits have a Maple Neck and Walnut Fret Board.  Head Stocks and Heels are made of the same material.  You have a choice of Maple, Walnut and Cherry Kits. 

Ordering is simple. 

  1. Provide me with your Contact Info for billing and shipping   

  2. Select your Head Stock/Heel option below.

  3. Press the Red-ish SUBMIT Button

  4. I will receive and review your order and make sure I have all the information to send your kit.  I will then send you an invoice through Pay Pal.    

  5. When you get the invoice, Review the Invoice.  If you need to make changes or need clarity, we will deal with it then.  When you are happy with the order, make your payment.

  6. When I receive confirmation of payment, I will prep your order and ship your kit.  


Placing Your Order

DIY Information Sheet



Selet Head Stock & Heel Option
3 lb. from 32927. Box 38"x6"x5" Priority Mail.  I will include quote in invoice. 

Upgrades for your DIY Kit w/Surcharges

#1 - Sketching a Head Stock Template to your Head Stock                                              Free

#2 - Sketching, cutting and rough sanding*  your Head Stock before shipping               $9

#3 - Router Shaping your neck using a 3/4 round over bit and rough sanding*              $9

#4 - Glue your shaped Head Stock (#2) with Scarf joint on your Shaped Neck (#3)        $8

#5 - Slotted Fret board drilled for fret markers, top and side                                             $6

#6 - Heel shaped on one end                                                                                                    $4


*Rough Sanding uses various tools for shaping and sanding with 120 grit paper.  Final shaping and sanding is your part of the build.

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