Delta Groove is working hard to provide choices for builder and suppliers alike.  Many of our customers are building their first or second guitar.  They want a neck that is as unique as their Cigar Box Creations.  We do not have a lot of bling on our necks, but we do have  Hard Maple with a durable matching heel, allowing for maximum strength in the body are for pick up modeling and box mounting.

Our "Made in the USA" necks cost a little more than the necks that are imported.  What "Bang for the Buck" do you get.  You get choices. Choices of Domestic and Exotic (a fancy name for imported lumber), Head Stock Design, and my necks are always a collaborative process.  Many customers are so excited with the quality and workmanship, that they order order a second neck with in a few days of getting their first one. 


All Online Custom Necks include the following:

  • 33" Hard Maple Neck

  • Customer Select Head stock design, drilled to your tuner specs

  • Hard Maple Heel to accommodate modifications in the neck.  Provides strength and rigidity to the Neck in the box area.  The heel provides anchor points for gluing wings, drilling holes for wiring and supporting the top.

  • Fret Board with rolled edges, Zero Fret nut system, .039" frets, pearloid fret markers, Spanish banding in the 12th and 24th fret marker position - made from European and exotic woods.  Choice of how many frets you want, how long do you want the fret board beyond the last fret, to name a few.

Lets look at our Wood Choices


A computer glitch erased my photos.  Currenly restoring.  should be up an running by 10/10/2019

Cost: $125

plus shipping

Head Stock Profiles

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