Who can afford a Custom Guitar Neck?  You Can!


Our Custom Necks are a collaborative effort you between the customer and me,  the builder.  I help you with neck/box design and provide choices that make your instrument yours.  We do not have a lot of bling on our necks, but we do have

  • Hard Maple Neck with a durable matching heel, allowing for maximum strength thru the body

  • Maple Head Stocks in a variety of popular shapes, optional hardwood veneer and the option of designing your own (click DGG Library to get a design worksheets)

  • Fret Board with rolled edges, Bone nut, choice of hardwoods, fret wire, scales, inlay, # of frets and  length beyond the last fret.  You can even send us a piece of wood that you liked.

  • Customer service that will walk you through the whole process.  A recent customer and I exchanged 25 phone, text and emails in  helping him build his first CBG.

Cost: $130

(free shipping Con US)


Pritable Order Form

Click, Print, Complete & take a photo and text it to me at 321-591-4321.  I will send you an invoice for you to approve and pay.  Call If you have a question

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