I am going to make this easy.  All of our items online, will be 17% between now and Sunday Midnight.

Order a Custom Shop Neck, a Ready to Ship Neck, or a DIY Kit, and I will reduce the price by 17%.  Do you want to surprise someone in your family?  Get a Gift Certificate, and let them order at their leisure

FAQ - 

I am not a Father, can I order? 

YES, because you had a Father.

What if he does not like it? 

TELL him to build it and give it to his child or grandchild.  He might be out in the garage for a month and out of your hair.

How long is the Gift Certificate good for?

Until midnight June 16, 2019 (next Fathers Day)

How will you know if I am a first time buyer?

I don't really care, I was just trying to motivate a first time buyer to do something that has the rest of us very excited.


Is there a limit on how many I an order?

Kinda.  Limit is 5 per order.  If you are a commercial retailer or doing advanced Christmas shopping for all the family, write me.  The bigist issue is Material on hand and delivery dates. 

17% Off

  • Fathers Day

  • Gift Certificates

  • First Time Buyers

To Get Your 17% Off


Go to Custom Shop, RTS Necks or DIY Necks, and order your item.  Any order between now and 6.17.18 at 11:59 PM will receive the special price.  If you are ordering Gift Certificate, just write "Gift Certificate in the Comments Box.

I will send you an invoice and we can clarify any details.


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