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Welcome To Delta Groove Guitars
  We have been building and Enjoying Cigar Box Guitars since 2008 when one day I watched  Luther Dickinson Play one, I headed to the garage and the obsession hasn't ended yet !!  We have sent out over 1000 Guitars and about 3000 necks world wide. We love building !!!  we've been fortunate in having built for they guy who got Us started. We built numerous guitars now for Luther Dickinson and it's fun because he challenges us with some cool ideas!! We have built for Samantha Fish and our Friend Justin Johnson  and we've built a lot for other folks too!! maybe the next one will be yours!!  
  a couple years ago we started offering necks to other folks who build.. it's the tough part of building a guitar.  We have done a lot !!! and we like to help so we do U-finish necks for the folks who like to do their own finish work. and the fretted necks for and ready neck for the  folks who are new to building and need to be further along or just don't have the time !! We are now winding and selling our own line of CBG Pickups !! 

Look around check us out  and get your groove on !! 

The Dukes Brothers @ Delta Grooves
Above is a pic of Luther Dickinson of the North Mississippi Allstars playing the World Boogie  Delta Grooves CBG
We were super happy to very recently Hook Up Samantha Fish with what we are sure will be the first Delta Groove Guitar in her collection!! 
Luther Dickinson Jammin on the Washtub Bass we did for him on the Southern Soul Assembly tour with marc broussard, jj grey, and anders osbourne.

The Picture above is our new friend Justin Johnson checking out his new Delta Grove guitar 4 string CBG. Justin and Nikki stopped by the DGG shop recently and spent some time with us and we had a really great time talking about how we approach building necks and guitars and why we do what we do, the we went in the house and Justin played his new guitar and several we had at the house it was a great visit!! if you know Justin and Nikki go support them live!! if your new to the CBG world check them out
Justin Johnson checking a neck to see if the frets are level during the recent shop visit to the Delta groove shop
   So if it's just a neck you need we can help with the best necks out there !! no body make more, and with the quality, for less. need a cool guitar?? we sell them too cheap for what we give you !! were having fun !! were gonna Boogie... till the break o day ! want you to as well  don't forget to check us out on facebook !!
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